London Weekend Pathfinders

11am–5pm. Penderel’s Oak, 283–288 High Holborn, WC1V 7HP London. Meetings are usually planned for the fourth Sunday in the month, and extra meetings are often scheduled.  Pub website

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society both rock in Central London on a Sunday! All are welcome, especially those new to the Pathfinder Society, and we will have a selection of scenarios available to run. The venue is wheelchair accessible and child-friendly. There is WIFI, food available all day, guest beers and no piped music!

If you would like to play, you should sign up on our Warhorn and click "Play" to secure a seat at a game. (If you find you can't make it to the game please remember to click "Withdraw" so we can let someone else play.) This helps us know how many games to organise. We will have a variety of scenarios to run – if you have any preferences or need more information, you are welcome to contact the organizers directly.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You are invited to join the London Weekend Pathfinders' Facebook page.   Check our Facebook pageLondon Sunday Pathfinders – PFS Event 2701392

WarhornCheck out the games we are offering on our Warhorn and sign up to secure a seat.
We are delighted to have been recognised as an event for Regional Support and if you play or GM with us you get similar benefits to those you might win or earn at a games convention. Find out more.


  • Please be sure you have the capability to play online before you sign-up and do take up GMs’ offers to assist you well before the game starts.
  • Don’t commit to more games than you can cope with.
  • Send your GM the information they request at least 24 hours before the game begins, so they can adjust for levels etc.
  • Avoid dropping out at short notice because it may be too late for a “Wait-listed” player to join the game.

We have a huge demand for games at the moment and late cancellations of less than 24 hours before start time may deprive others of the chance to play and delay the game start. Therefore we are operating a three strike system. Frequent offenders will not be welcome to sign-up in this group for a period of three months.

We’d love to hear from some more volunteer GMs!

Penderel's Oak

 London Sunday Pathfinders22 October 2017

London Sunday Pathfinders


London Sunday Starfinders

London Weekend Pathfinders
group assets include: 
PAWNS: Bestiary Pawns (2 copies)
Bestiary 2 Pawns
Inner Sea Pawns
Beginners Box
Harrow deck
Core rules book
Dungeon Starter
Forest Starter
Ruined Village
Perilous Paths
Ice Cavern
Space Station
Thieves Guild
Town Square
Desert Ruins
Lost City
Hill Country
Noble Estate
River Crossing
Falls & Rapids
Cavernous Lair
Seedy Tavern
Pub Crawl
Waterfront Tavern
Arcane Library
Winter Forest
City Streets
Haunted Dungeon
Ancient Dungeon
Wicked Dungeon (2 copies)
Bigger Forest
Bigger Village
Bigger Caverns
Bigger Dungeon

We have run the following adventures:

Pathfinder Society
PFS 0-1: Silent Tide
PFS 0-02: The Hydra's Fang Incident
PFS 0-03: Murder on the Silken Caravan
PFS 0-04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
PFS 0-05: Mists of Mwangi
PFS 0-06: Black Waters
PFS 0-07: Among the Living 
PFS 0-14: The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch
PFS 0-23: Tide of Morning
PFS 1-29: The Devil We Know, Part 1: Shipyard Rats
PFS 1-30: The Devil We Know, Part 2: Cassomir's Locker
PFS 1-35: Voice in the Void
PFS 1-37: The Beggar's Pearl
PFS 1-39: The Citadel of Flame
PFS 1-41: The Devil We Know, Part 3: Crypt of Fools
PFS 1-47: The Darkest Vengeance
PFS 2-11: The Penumbral Accords
PFS 3-07: Echoes of the Overwatched
PFS 3-16: The Midnight Mauler
PFS 3-18: The God's Market Gamble
PFS 3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
PFS 4-01: Rise of the Goblin Guild
PFS 4-07: Severing Ties
PFS 4-18: The Veteran's Vault
PFS 4-19: The Night March of Kalkamedes
PFS 5-01: The Glass River Rescue
PFS 5-04: The Stolen Heir
PFS 5-08: The Confirmation
PFS 5-11: Library of the Lion
PFS 5-12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1: A Bitter Bargain
PFS 5-14: Day of the Demon
PFS 5-16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages
PFS 5-15: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2: Race to Seeker's Folly
PFS 5-19: The Horn of Aroden
PFS 5–21: The Merchant's Wake
PFS 6–02: The Silver Mount Collection
PFS 6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters
PFS 6-12: Scions of the Sky Key, Part 1: On Sharrowsmith's Trail
PFS 6-98: Serpents Rise
PFS 6–99: True Dragons of Absalom
PFS 7-01: Between the Lines
PFS 7-21: The Sun Orchid Scheme
PFS 7–98: Serpents' Ire
PFS 8-01: Portent's Peril
PFS 8-05: Ungrounded but Unbroken
PFS 8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose
PFS 8-08: Tyranny of Winds, Part 1: The Sandstorm Prophecy
PFS 8-12: Tyranny of Winds, Part 3: Caught in the Eclipse
PFS 8-23: Graves of Crystalmaw Pass
PFS 8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose
PFS 9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment
PFS 9-02: A Case of Missing Persons
PFS 9-04: The Unseen Inclusion
PFS 9-06: The Shores of Heaven
PFS 9-08: Birthright Betrayed
PFS 9-09: Beyond the Halflight Path
PFS 9-10: Signs in Senghor
PFS 9-12: Shrine of the Sacred Tempest
PFS 9-14: Down the Verdant Path
PFS 9-15: The Bloodcove Blockade
PFS 9-18: Scourge of the Farheavens
PFS 10-01: Oathbreakers Die
PFS 10-06: Treason’s Chains

PFS Quest 6-1: The Silverhex Chronicles
PFS Quest 8-1: Honor's Echo
PF Mod: Risen from the Sands
PF Mod: We Be Goblins!
PF Mod: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, Level 1: The Tower Ruins

PF AP Serpent's Skull – Souls for Smuggler's Shiv
PF AP 043: Carrion Crown, Part 1: The Haunting of Harrowstone
PF AP 055: Skull & Shackles, Part 1: The Wormwood Mutiny

PFS Special: Ruins of Bonekeep, Level 1: The Silent Grave
PFS Special: Ruins of Bonekeep, Level 2: Maze of the Mind Slave

PSP #1: The Rose Street Revenge
PPA #1-2: Doomsday Dawn, Chapter 2: In Pale Mountain's Shadow
PPA #1-3: Doomsday Dawn, Chapter 3: Affair at Sombrefell Hall

Starfinder Society

SFS Quest 1-1: Into the Unknown
SFS 1-01: The Commencement
SFS 1-03: Yesteryear's Truth
SFS 1-04: Cries From the Drift
SFS 1-07: The Solar Sortie
SFS 1-09: Live Exploration Extreme!
SFS 1-10: The Half-Alive Streets
SFS 1-12: Ashes of Discovery