This is our ninth PaizoCon in the UK and we believe this will be the very best PaizoCon ever! PaizoCon UK is the largest European event to focus entirely on Pathfinder Society adventures. We especially welcome players and GMs from all over Europe.

STARFINDER: Heard the hype about Paizo's new RPG, Starfinder? Want to check it out for yourself? Join Publisher Erik Mona and Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge for demos Friday afternoon at PaizoCon UK in the Aston bar.

TRAVEL ALERT: There are major road works on the A38(M) Expressway close to Aston. Allow a little extra time for delays and diversions.

WARHORN closed on 2 July for registering character class and levels. We will have Pregens for anyone who didn't register.

Warhorn bookingTickets for PaizoCon UK are still on sale due to our increased capacity in a larger suite of rooms this year. 

Game SlotsHere are the game slots planned for PaizoCon 2017. This schedule is provisional and subject to confirmation.

Aston Conference CentrePaizoCon UK 2017 will be held in the Aston Conference Centre, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET. 22–23 July 2016.

sackofpotatoes-sign-94There are pubs, takeaways and taxis within five minutes walk from the venue.