Games in the garden with Swiss sunshine, beer and swimming pool!
PaizoCon Europe 2022
PaizoCon Europe is back this summer, 18–21 August! There will be an in-person event in Switzerland, accompanied by a larger online event. Games will be offered in multiple languages at both events to accommodate the international community. Tickets to the online event are €10, and all proceeds will be divided between three charities chosen by the organizers: Alzheimer's Research UK, Association Suisse du Mimosa du Bonheurand, and Stiftung Deutsche Krebshilfe. GMs can volunteer and sign up right now.

Important Dates

• GM signups open now!
• 20 June: GM signups open on Warhorn; all confirmed and paid GMs can claim their games at this time.
• 13 July, 12 noon BST: Warhorn opens for GM player signups. You can pre-sign up for one game for each game you run.
• 15 July, 12 noon BST: Warhorn opens for player sign-ups.
• 15 August: Warhorn player sign-ups close; tables reconciled. Walk-ups will be used to fill any open seats at the event.
• 18–21 August: PaizoCon Europe Online!
The event will feature both Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder, the current season specials (PFS2 3-98 Expedition into Pallid Peril SFS4-99: A Time of Crisis), as well as a range of PFS2, PFS1 and SFS.
This year we are running two parallel events with separate Warhorns. A physical face-to-face convention will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted by PFS Switzerland. And also an online event. The program will appear on the relevant Warhorns as soon as it is finalized. 

General Information

We are preparing to welcome you to an extraordinary setting – all in the open air! You will find:
• a very warm welcome
• players from all regions and countries
• great ambience and conviviality
• a family spirit in a human-sized convention
• incredible and crazy adventures
• our internationally renowned banquet
• a special multi-table scenario (or more!)
• and beautiful sunshine (we hope) !
• a swimming pool! (You dreamed it, we did it!)


All registrations will take place on the Warhorn website for the in-person event. When you register, please indicate if you are interested in buying food on Thursday and/or Friday nights. Our "chefs" thank you!
The convention address is Chemin de La-Craz 11, 1226 Thônex, Suisse.

Planning and modules

We will offer you more than 50 games spread over 4 days! In order to allow you to enjoy the place and your friends, the games are spaced out during the day to set a nice relaxed pace.
Join us also for our traditional Saturday Night Banquet! Please specify your participation to the banquet when you register.
Thursday, 18 August
 Slot 1: 10:00 – 15:00
Slot 2: 16:30 – 21:30
Friday, 19 August
 Slot 1: 10:00 – 15:00
Slot 2: 16:30 – 21:30
Saturday, 20 August
 Slot 5: 08:30 – 13:30
Slot 6: 15:00 – 20:00
Banquet: 21:00 – ?
Sunday, 21 August
 Slot 7: 08:30 – 13:30
Slot 8: 15:00 – 20:00

Hotels and Camping

The convention address is Chemin de La-Craz 11, 1226 Thônex, Suisse.
You can camp on the convention site, to be close to the action! You will need your own camping equipment and register with the organization via the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A free camping place will then be reserved for you, as well as access to toilets and showers on site.
Or you can book an hotel. If you would like to book a hotel, we recommend you to choose one in neighbouring France to get more attractive prices. If you choose this option, you should have your own transportation, although if possible, carpools between the hotels and the convention site will be organized in the mornings and evenings. The venue is also accessible by public transportation. Travel time from downtown is approximately 45 minutes. The closest stops are Sous-Vilette on line 34 (5 minutes walk) or Vilette on line 8 (12 minutes walk).

Food and drink

There will be a bar/refreshment stand on site to provide food and refreshments with sweet and savoury snacks and drinks available. Like last year we will also have local beer! Hurray! You can also pick up food in the morning to get you in shape for the day.
During the game nights, group orders will be taken for pizza on Thursday and for an Asian caterer on Friday. Please indicate your interest in these when you register.
There will be a microwave available on site with free access.
And finally, on Saturday night, we will hold our traditional banquet!