Logan Bonner

Logan Bonner designs games for a living! His main gig is as a Designer at Paizo, working primarily on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line while also contributing to Starfinder’s Core Rulebook. Most recently, he had a major role in shaping the Pathfinder Playtest for the upcoming second edition of the game.

Tonya Woldridge

Tonya Woldridge is the Worldwide Pathfinder Society Organized Play co-ordinator. She is a 5-star GM and she previously served as Venture Captain of Ontario, Canada, Venture Lieutenant of the UK. She is here to run a Retired and Extremely Dangerous adventure and extended Playtests for PFS2!

Eva Widermann

You'll recognise Eva's work from her many Pathfinder illustrations. She is famous for her wonderful character visualisations.

Sara Otterstätter

Sara has carried out some truly beautiful commissions for "The Reign of Winter", "Jade Regent" and "Animal Archive". Come and meet her at PaizoCon UK.