Regional Support Program

Now Paizo offer support with Player and GM Boons for local Pathfinder events that are open to the public and have an associated Venture Officer.

Program Goals: Encourage growth and support events that don't qualify for Paizo convention support.
Qualifying Location: Any location with an associated venture-officer of any rank, from agent to regional coordinator.
Qualifying Event: Any public event at a qualifying location.
Program Dates: Yearly, starting in February and ending January 31 of the following year (effective 2017 dates are February 13 to January 31, 2018).
Administration: Allocated by the Regional Venture-Coordinators.

Event Submission Process

  1. Venture-officer (VO) plans an event, either one off or re-occurring, for their location.
  2. VO completes a Support Request Form and sends to their Regional Venture-Coordinator (RVC) to indicate interest.
  3. RVC confirms VO status and confers with VO about implementing the program.
  4. RVC adds event to the regional support tracker.
  5. RVC sends a regional support package to VO. Package includes GM tracking cards, player boons, and a tiered GM boon.
  6. VO advertises event as Regional Support Program qualified.
  7. VO runs event(s) and provides rewards as applicable
  8. VO reports on event statistics to RVC.
  9. RVC inputs data on regional support tracker.
  10. OPC reviews data and revises program as necessary.


Players have a 10% chance per game played at an event to win a boon, which is the same rate as a player at a convention. VOs will determine the method of boon distribution for their venue, after consulting with their RVC. Some suggested methods include rolling a 19-20 on a d20, earning a token each game played with each token increasing the likelihood of receiving a boon, or entries into a raffle.

GMs earn a race boon with different levels of reward. If a GM runs 6 games at qualifying events, they earn Reward A. If they GM 12 games at qualifying locations, they earn Reward B. If they GM 24 games at qualifying events over the course of the year, they earn Reward C.