Paizo Pathfinder at Airecon

Airecon is primarily a boardgaming event and traditionally it hasn’t offered any role-playing games but this year Ian Hawthorne and Mark Price brought a taste of roleplaying. For many of the players it was their very first experience of an RPG. (“How do I roll this d4 thing?”). 

Mark Price and Ian Hawthorne attended for the Saturday and Sunday of the Airecon, and offered taster games of Pathfinder RPG to attendees. After each game they gave a brief introduction to Pathfinder Society play.

They used individual quests from “Honors Echo” and the four standard pregens: Wizard, Rogue, Fighter and Cleric. Each game ran about two hours and it was a huge success.

AireconThere was a lively flow of interst through the tent over the two days. For many of the players it was their very first experience of an RPG (even to the extent of having to explain how to "roll" a d4). The rest of the time Ian and Mark spent helping players at the table and talking to other attendees about Pathfinder and RPGs in general.

Around half of the players enjoyed the experience enough to want to learn more and signed up for PFS numbers and were given chronicle sheets and a welcome to PFS boon. Everyone received a one page guide, pointing them to resources they may need to get them started at home.

Ian says, "It was a lovely experience bringing role playing games to boardgamers."