Games in the garden with Swiss sunshine, beer and swimming pool!

...odder than most. 12–14 October, Park Inn, Telford.

OddConUK is a UK games convention that where you can book inclusive accommodation, breakfast, evening meal, games and access to a 24-hour bar. The Park Inn, Telford has everything you would expect from a three star hotel. OddCon website

WarhornSticking to its usual format, OddConUK has some timetabled events, but the majority of the weekend is freeform. Bring your own scenarios, play board and card games at your own pace. It's a mixed game event but there will be Pathfinder games in most game slots. The organiser allows up to four places on each table to be pre-booked on Warhorn.

Game slots

10:00+ - Slot 0 - Arrivals & Registration
14:00 - Slot 1
19:00 - Slot 2 Quiz and Fancy Dress
0:00+ - Slot 3

9:00 - Slot 4
14:00 - Slot 5
19:00 - Slot 6
0:00+ - Slot 7

9:00 - Slot 8
14:00 - Slot 9
18:30+ - Slot 10 - Closing Ceremony


All profits made from OddCon will be going to Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust.

Acorns Children’s Hospice currently care for over 500 life-limited children from across the West Midlands and Three Counties. Acorns offer a network of care services through its three hospices in Birmingham, Walsall and Worcester. The Acorns community team provides support to the whole family at home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It costs Acorns £4,500 per day, per hospice, to provide these services free of charge to families, and it receives very little of its funding from the government, relying almost entirely on community donations.