Dear UK Pathfinders,

We will have another installment of CONfusion from 9 –11 March!
Confusion will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Utrecht, in Theater Zimihc (location on Warhorn).

On Friday 9 March, we would like to offer everyone a relaxed gaming experience. Therefore, like other CONfusions, we would like to offer you the opportunity to game wherever you want. At your regular game store, your community center or wherever else you can manage to get a game together. Put your game on Warhorn!

On Saturday 10 March we have 2 slots:
10:00–16:00  This is a longer slot to allow people a lunchbreak.
18:00–23:00  We would like to end a little before 23:00 as the location closes at 11pm.
The slots are currently on 'to be determined' but don't be shy and sign in! Or, if you're a GM claim a slot!

On Sunday 11 March we have the new special: PFS 9-00 Assault on Absalom!  This time we would like to try something new, and have people sign up by Tier. Do take into account that it will be a while from sign in to actually playing the special. It can be that the character you're looking to play at the special could level in between. So sign up with the future in mind.  As a GM, you can claim your favorite Tier.


Edwin Wessels