PFS MANCon 2018, 29–31 March.
A PFS and SFS convention based in Fanboy 3, 25 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 1EL.

Time to get you Manc on, for it’s been said... “This is Manchester. We do things differently here”. Unlike other conventions PFS MANCon is a city centre based convention, hosted in a state of the art, RPG dedicated gaming store, namely Fanboy 3, who have been host to the Manchester PFS Lodge for the past several years.

There will be Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures over two days. The time table and slots will be:
Friday evening
6pm until 11pm Registration and (for Convention Attendees) FREE slot zero games

ManCon 2019Saturday 30 March
9am Registration and Welcome
10am–3pm Slot 1 (wiggle time built in for lunch – see below)
5pm–10.30pm Slot 2 TBA

Sunday 31 March
10am–2pm Slot 3
3pm–8pm Slot 4


Fanboy 3 has its own in-house Coffee and Snack Bar, with sandwichs, snacks and artisan coffees. Orders can be taken. Being city centred, there are a variety of food places all within easy walking distance. General tea and coffee will be supplied free in the gaming room.


Welcome to ManchesterThere is a veritable plethora of hotels close by and within easy reach. The prices vary a lot and deals come and go, so shop around. But there is generally something to suit most tastes and budgets.


Fanboy 3 is fully stocked for all your roleplaying needs: Paizo products, dice, miniatures etc. If there is something you definitely want you can always call ahead (Fanboy 3 tel 0161 247 7735) and have it reserved for you. You may not be aware that at a retail based convention your store purchases come with special boons which just may help you survive those deadly scenarios/GMs!

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WarhornBook in now

Player Registration is open via our PFS MANCon Warhorn.  For your information, PFS 10-16 will be for levels 1-5, PFS 10-17 will be for levels 7-11.  PFS event number: TBA. 

Cost for the event is £20 with a four pounds discount for each game you GM. Please register, check the games and decide which you wish to run. Once you tell me I can let you know your final amount to pay.

Best wishes

Ian Hawthorne
VL, Manchester

Fund raising will take place for our supported charity, the Alzheimer’s Society

ManCon 2019