23–27 January 2017 Five days gaming in "Sunny Hunny" Hunstanton

Contingency brings five days of fun and games to Hunstanton, Norfolk with all aspects of hobby gaming available for you to enjoy while raising money for some worthy charities.

There will be loads of Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures but there will also be a huge variety of other role-playing Games, board games, card games and LARP events. Con-Tingency is far more than just a Pathfinder / Starfinder Event – it's something for the broader gaming community. PFS Event no. PFS Event no 2690829.

On-site Accommodation

Contingency takes place at Searles Leisure Resort, on the Norfolk coast beside the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton – ‘Sunny Hunny’! It's an award winning holiday resort that has been welcoming holidaymakers for over 83 years. There is a great range of holiday lodges, holiday cabins and holiday homes, all fully equipped with modern appliances for everything from home entertainment to home cooking. All the accommodation is centrally heated and double-glazed too, so you can enjoy the convention no matter what the weather. All you need to bring is towels and tea towels. Each unit includes parking for at least two cars. Some of the accommodation welcomes pets and there are a number of lodges with additional features to make them suitable for those with additional access requirements. But you do not have to stay on site to attend the convention, just buy tickets for any games you play.


There are three game sessions each day. Sessions run 9am - 1pm, 2pm - 6pm and 7:30 - 11:30pm. You simply buy a game ticket from the admin desk for each session you play in. Tickets cost £3 each.

We welcome games of all types at Contingency. In addition to Pathfinder and Starfinder, last year we had tables playing

3e DND,
5e DND,
7 Wonders,
7th Empire,
Advanced Fighting Fantasy,
Barbarians of Lemciria,
Black Code,
Blades in the Dark
Bubble Gumshoe,
Call of Cthulhu,
Carcassonne Cartoon Action Hour,
City of Mist,
City of Mist Powered by the Apocalypse/Fate,
Classic Runequest,
Cthulhu Hack
D&D Adventures League,
D6 Simple,
Dark Scandi Fantasy Game,
Deadlands Reloaded,
Dr Who,
Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG,
Dungeon World,
Dweller in the Dark,
Era D10,
Fate Accelerated,
Fate Core,
Feng Shui 2,
Forgotten Futures,
Fresform Fantasy/Abstract,
Golden Sky Stories,
Grims Gangs,
Iron Kingdoms,
John Carter,
Judge Dredd,
Legend of Elements,
Mainfold Horror,
Manifold Steampunk,
Memoir '44,
Mongoose Paranoia,
Monster of the Week,
Paranoia rebooted,
Phush Power & Plunder,
PIP System,
Pulp Cthulu,
Red Markets,
Savage Worlds,
Savage Worlds,
Shadow Run,
Shadows Over Eastern,
Shadowvan Anarchy,
Star Trek 2D 20,
Star Trek Adventure,
Star Wars Age of Rebellion,
Streets of Mos Eisley,
Tale from the Loop,
That Guard Game with Dice & Hats,
The Comics Code,
The One Ring,
The Princess Bride,
The Warring Colonies BG,
Warhammer (Wer 2),
When Worlds Collide,
Wings of War (Wings of Glory),
X Wing Miniatures,
... and some freeform live roleplay.

Games in the forest