Faction badges

Show your loyalty to your Faction by wearing these pins and you’ll feel the benefit. Once per game session you can take a +1 bonus to any skill check or a 1d4 bonus to certain skills that are appropriate to your Faction and count as trained in that skill. The pins are available from Paizo. Here’s the link.

Faction journal cardsContribute to your faction’s cause! These new Faction Journal Cards provide more information for your Pathfinder Society character to advance your faction's goals. These Faction Journal Cards are a great new way to contribute to your faction’s goals while also being able to experience the fun of factions in any adventure—even sanctioned Modules and Adventure Paths. Included is a sheet of instructions how to use the Faction Journal Cards and cards for all of the factions (Dark Archive, The Exchange, Grand Lodge, Liberty's Edge, Scarab Sages, Silver Crusade, and Sovereign Court). Each card includes a brief summary of the faction’s aims, several unlockable rewards, and a wide variety of tasks the character can complete in adventures from any season of Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Sara Otterstatter - AnraSara Otterstätter is our regular guest artist at PaizoCon UK. She has created many original illustrations for Paizo as well as offering some brilliant character visualisations to players at our convention. But did you know she has an online shop? Now you can own the original art from Pathfinder adventures. Take a look at the wonderful artwork that is now available for purchase. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, starting at £50, and she can post safely and securely to your home address. Take a look at her online shop, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your character’s description to commission a visualisation. 

Roleplaying Guild Guide 8Within the pages of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide you will find everything you need to bring your own character to life. Whether you are new to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, or a pen and paper roleplaying game veteran, the answers to your questions about the Roleplaying Guild are right here: how to create a character, what are the factions aims, how do I keep a character record, what happens after a game, how can I get a free re-roll, what are the duties of a GM? The Roleplaying Guild Guide for Season 8 is essential reading for all Pathfinder Society players and GMs. This is a FREE download from the Paizo website.

The Year of the Stolen Storm

During the Year of the Stolen Storm, the Society turns its sights to the Elemental Planes. There, agents not only recover extraordinary treasures but also embroil themselves in extraplanar politics and clash with otherworldly organizations. Face off against the devotees of air, earth, fire, and water in Season 8 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild organized play campaign!

PaizoCon UK before the Friday Fusion Feast

The players at PaizoCon UK were incredibly generous this year. Together we raised £1,246. There were many special donations from individuals and bids in an auction to play in special games run by our VIP guests, Erik Mona, Richard Pett and Tonya Woldridge. Paizo gave us a unique copy of the unreleased "Horror Adventures", signed by all their talented staff, for our raffle. We made a donation of £1,200 to the Birmingham Childrens Hospital and £46 to continue our support for Warhorn.

This was the icing on the cake for a hugely succesfull convention that started and ended in the pub, with lots of socialising and eating and some very special games. We were honoured to have many guests from France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Malaysia, Scotland, Ireland and America. Thank you all for coming and making this such a success. Take a look at the photo gallery.

PaizoCon UK Serpents Ire

3XP Summer 2016

3XP was a delight, this summer. Carol Tierney, the mastermind behind it all, says, "Thank you so much to everyone who came to 3XP. We raised £1228 for charity which is fantastic! You are all amazing! I am once again completely overwhelmed by your generosity. I hope you enjoyed your games as much as I did. Special thanks to our wonderful GMs and the ever awesome Di and Pauline our kitchen team and of course to Chris Brockley-Blatt for being the best partner and co-organiser."

UK Games Expo trade hall

 UK Games Expo 2016, Trade Hall, NEC Hall 1

UK Games Expo trade hall

 UK Games Expo 2016, Trade Hall, NEC Hall 1

UK Games Expo trade hall

UK Games Expo 2016, Trade Hall, NEC Hall 1

The early figures for UK Games Expo 2016 show an attendance of 25,149 over 3 days and 12,636 unique visitors. This year, the halls in the Hilton were entirely given over to tabletop games, tournaments, seminars, bring and buy and roleplaying events. The massive Hall 1 of the National Exhibition Centre was packed with Trade. I saw stands piled high with boxes on day one and less than five boxes at the end. Everyone had a big smile on their face by the end of the event. Take a look at our photo gallery.