Conception main hall - just like always.Conception main hall - just like always.

With heroic efforts from the organisers, Conception ran very close to its normal format, inspite of being split over two sites. If you booked your Pathfinder games in advance through our Warhorn you could find your Lodge game or drive to the alternative site knowing the time, place and GM. Anyone who didn't organise their games in advance could come to the sign-up board and find any empty places with help from Paul James and our Pathfinder Help Desk. The photo tells the story... lots of happy gamers getting on with enjoying a great convention. Well done team!

The Blight

Richard Pett launches "The Blight" project. If you like the dark humour and the twisted plots that are trademark of the writer of "We Be Goblins", "Carrion Hill" and "Crooked" then take a look at this monster.

Chris Brockley Blatt

There is some wonderful news for England! We have a new Venture Captain. Chris Brockley Blatt has been promoted to the role and no one will doubt that she deserves it.


I have just finished the counting – this 3XP we have raised an amazing £1293.27. You guys are seriously awesome!

PaizoCon France, Paris 2015

Peace in ParisThe tragedy that was played out in Paris shook everyone who had arrived there for the first PaizoCon in France. It left us undecided whether to just go home or to try to save something of the convention. The venue was shut by government order but when players assembled it became clear that no one wanted terrorrists to turn this event into a defeat. Our best way to strike back was to carry on. Badly shaken... but unbowed.

You would have been proud to see how players and GMs from France, Netherlands, Switzerland and England cooperated and were resourceful enough to arrange games in apartments, flats and in David Martinez' games shop, La Carte Chance. People were very generous with their hospitality. The preparations of Florent and Karim didn't go to waste. Everyone had the chance to play plenty of Pathfinder adventures.

With great resilience, Karim and Florent even managed to organise the Special "Sky Key Solution". It ran simultaneously in different locations, with text messages to coordinate timing! In spite of everything, PaizoCon France was a success that everyone involved could be proud of.  I look forward to the next one in much happier circumstances. – Rob Silk

Barnaby Allan

Our very own Barnaby Allan won the "Les Hedges Best Player Award" at Oddcon this year. Games ran continuously from Friday until Sunday continuously over the weekend. It's a famously informal event in Telford, organised by Steve "SAD" Pennington. There are board games, card games, live roleplaying and, of course, table top roleplaying games. SAD runs a quiz on Friday evening in fancy dress. Pathfinder runs more tables than any other type of game so do come along next year if you would like to go adventuring. The event annually raises loadsa mony for charity. (If you think the trophy looks like a rough sketch of a winner's shield, it's because last year's winner forgot to bring it back. Oh, the shame.)